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Focus on Life Purpose by Training the Senses

Addiction gives control to senses and makes one lose power to face challenges of life. Many of those seeking the path to success, fall prey to the lure of these senses and find it difficult to come out. In Spiritual evolution also the biggest challenges is of training the Ten senses or Indriyas. Many of them seek to live the life of a recluse lest they let loose their senses. The ultimate success is achieved when one is able to control the senses effectively and rise above them.

The human being is seen as being like a building with ten doors. Five are entrance doors, and five are exit doors.

• Karmendriyas: The five exit doors are five means of expression, which are called karmendriyas. (Karma means action. Indriyas are the means or senses.)

• Jnanendriyas: The five entrance doors are the five cognitive senses, which are called jnanendriyas. (Jnana means knowing. Indriyas are the means or senses.)

These Indriyas are all connected to the Prana Sharira and stay as long as one is alive… but ultimately one has to realise that

“Who I really am is independent of my actions and senses”.

The mind consciousness (Manas) has 3 parts.. Chitta (stored impressions), Ahamkara (Ego/perceptions) and Buddhi (True Wisdom). Manas gives instructions to the Ten Senses but works out of unconscious habits (stored in Chitta) and Perceptions stored in Ahamkara. Till the being does not clear Chiita and Ahamkara by intense meditation and awareness, he will not be able to use the wisdom of Buddhi and thus control the senses effectively.

The mind, operating from the 6th chakra that is experienced in the space between the eyebrows, is the coordinating center for the lower five chakras. From this 6th chakra, the mind is the recipient of the information imported through the five doors of jnanendriyas, and their physical counterparts. From this 6th chakra, the mind is also the giver of the instructions through the five doors of karmendriyas, and their physical counterparts.

Consciousness itself is operating from the 7th chakra, providing the fuel or energy for the mind to operate, and in turn illuminate the other five, through it’s storage battery at the base of the subtle spine.

Withdrawing the senses and sitting still at meditation time naturally come much more easily as a result of an ongoing mindfulness of the ten senses.

The Indriyas are associated with each Chakra as below:

Chakra Karmendriya (outward Sense) Gyanendriya (Inward Sense)
Muladhara Doing Smelling
Swathisthana Procreating Tasting
Manipura Moving Seeing
Anahata Grasping Feeling
Vishudha Speaking Hearing
Ajna Thinking Perceiving

Once these 3 processes are done.. namely

1) Clearing Citta and Ahamkara and performing Pratyahara and handing control to the Ajna chakra

2) Releasing unfulfillment

3) Release expectation

One needs to expand each Sense realizing how much actually one has experienced every sense in his lifetimes.. How much he has smelled and how much work he has done.. How much Taste he has experienced and how much he has created.. How much he has seen and how much action he has done.. How much he has felt and how much possessed.. how much he has Spoken and how much heard.. and how much he has thought and how much perceived.   This knowledge will fill him with immense gratitude and completeness and he would be ready to go to the next level.

Controlling the Indriyas is preparation for deep meditation.


Author: VastuSamruddhi

Vastu Samruddhi Design Centre was founded by Young and Dynamic Engineers in 2000 as a pathway to help people achieve awareness on Vastu Science, Vastu Chakra balancing and Human Body Chakra healing & its remedies to lead an empowered life.

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